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Here is the complete Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition data for Nilam Real Estate website. You will never skip this content. We made it simple and easy to read for you instead of a lengthy content. Go through our privacy terms below.

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2022.
Terms and Policy – Nilam Real Estate

The below terms and policies are updated one. You are automatically accepting these following terms while accessing our website. We have also notified this via a wide banner at the bottom of our website with the necessary info. To check our company profile, visit the about us section.

1. Intellectual Property Rights
Our website is simple and user-generated content based website. We don’t have right to own any of the copyrighted logo or words. We’re not responsible for copyright violation that the user-generated content creates. All the brands/copyrighted words are owned by their respective owners.

2. Disclaimer to limit liability
We never encourage fraud/malpractice in our platform. We don’t indulge in any of the properties sold/bought. We are just hosting the user-generated content. This website won’t act as any verification/identity for the legal lawsuit by any means.

3. Policies and Warranties
We respect our customers’ user experience and their financial activity. But we don’t involve in any of the transaction unless we don’t provide them invoice form our legal bench. The people visiting our website are automatically accepted under our genuine terms and policy. We don’t provide any warranty to the visitors/traders about the content. We try hard to maintain our platform clean and clear without any issue.

4. Product and Services
We don’t own any product or services. We are just intermediate and consultant in this real estate field. You can contact the associated product/service providers for further legal issues. We aren’t responsible for any loss/gain in your real estate activity. Our platform is available for everyone and it is free to use for a limited period. But you can surf unlimited times without any restriction for viewing our content.

5. Comment Policies
We never accept spam comments or social-violating comment. We don’t accept the comments that have only backlink intention.

6. SSL Security
Our Lets Encrypt SSL server will protect the users from various cyber-attacks. Our servers are clean and secure with encrypted module HTTPS.

7. Pricing
Our pricing info is reasonable and could be accepted only in a legal method of transaction. Our pricing data will be subjected to change and could be seized as well during the severe issue. We will refund only for a genuine reason.

8. Contact Us
You can use our contact us form for any legal or personal suggestion/queries today. If we found you spamming or threatening for no reason, we will block you to access our network forever.

9. Media Information
We only host the user-generated content and we aren’t responsible for a copyrighted/false media property. We will take down if we feel it suspicious or found to be a scam one.

10. Newsletter
We will provide you best newsletter content weekly or any special occasion. You can subscribe to our premium newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time by visiting the bottom of the newsletter as well. Your data might be used for future followup and data science in our platform. But we don’t spam anyone for any crappy reason.

11. Advertisement/Notifications
We might use Google AdSense, Amazon Associate and many other 3rd party advertising ad units on our website. It helps us run our website. We also accept direct advertisement. We are not responsible for any advertisement content. You can follow the respective brand for further discussion. We also offer OneSignal Notification Option for you to receive instant web browser notifications. You can unsubscribe our notification at any time with the help of browser configuration.
We also get some amount of commission for the advertisement displayed on our website. We never encourage people to indulge in advertisement units. It is up to you for accessing them.

12. User Sitemap
If you’re confused accessing or website navigation, check our User-Sitemap navigational page. It will provide all the links to explore our website without any issue.

13. Region
We’re currently working with Tamil Nadu, India region. We are limited to this network. We might expand our services further. We will update the information once we all are set. Our transaction has complied with the Indian Regulated transactional article. Our payment gateways are trusted and branded one.

14. Product Service Reviews
Product and services that we are reviewing on our platform are subjected to the admin’s opinion. Nilam real estate nor admin is not responsible for any of the damages that occur while trying/trading the recommended product. We might get some commission while posting it on our platform for some content too.

15. Cookies
We accept the cookies and we’ve stated them when you visit our website for the first time. Our cookie policy never spams you or inject any suspicious data. We will keep it for your website user-experience activity. We don’t collect any credit card or payment details. We have also stated our policy terms in brief in this section. Kindly, contact us if you would have like to contact Nilam Real Estate team.

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